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 Positioning of workpieces in metal production


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Technical parameters

Due to the great strength of the magnet, it is widely used in smallmachining;therefore it is necessary to keep the metal in a stable, available and convenient location, which will be achieved through detending joint. Stability of the selected position is at the locked joint many times higher than for the positioning balls. Fixed base, which is part of the product enhances the stability and allows for variability in the workplace.

Position-ability 360’and mobility

Streamlining of the production process

High clamping force



Long life and low maintenance

Position-ability provides comfort for your employees at work. Thanks to flexibility and mobility of the product, the magnet can be used anywhere in the workplace .

Easy control increases productivity. Compared to the traditional vice the normal process is speed up by 10 seconds, while processing 50 pieces daily it will save 36 hours of operationper year.

Magnet with a clamping force of 80 N / cm² can handle even heavier pieces of material. It has a wide range of applicability according to size and type of metal. It takes just one movement of the lever and the magnet is activated

So far, no complaints demonstrate the quality and reliability of the product. There are no additional maintenance costs.


Magnet-it from the other site
Magnet-it with allen key
Magnet-it with with ball joint deten
Magnet-it detail to ball joint
Magnet-it in action
Using the magnet-it
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